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Mountain Bike Tour

  • Mountain Bike Tour


We take you to Mountain Bike tour begins in Marrakech, Morocco’s ‘Ochre City’. It is an ancient walled conurbation and meeting place for traders and you will find it bustling with water sellers, snake charmers and market stalls packed with bargains. As you leave the Ochre City, you will find that the tour takes you along single trails and jeep tracks as you pedal through remote Berber villages clinging to the steep sides of the High Atlas Mountains. You can explore the villages, their cuisine and their culture and of course, spend time with the people. You will also be able to take in the epic, ancient scenery that these people have lived in for generations.This trek is a combination of old, wild country and fascinating culture.Our guides are all well trained and locally sourced. They know the areas you will visit inside and out and your safety and enjoyment is always paramount in their minds. All of the treks listed can be changed, extended or shortened to meet your requirements. Treks can start on any day to suit your needs.