Best Marrakech city guide tour

Best Marrakech city guide tour Start  with a professional art historian guide, who will pick you up with a driver from your accommodation, to explore the main highlights of the red city. During the guided tour, you will visit the Koutoubia mosque of Marrakech, The Koutoubia is the largest mosque in Marrakech with a stunning 70-meter high minaret, following this, visits the Saadian Tombs, sealed up for centuries until they were rediscovered in 1917. The tombs date back to the time of the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur. There are two main mausoleums within the enclosure, consisting of 66 tombs while 100 more are laid outside in the gardens. Notice the wonderful Hispano-Moorish architecture that surrounds the burial ground of the royal family, and Visit the 19th century Bahia Palace, surrounded by beautifully-manicured gardens filled with sweet-smelling flowers and fruit trees. The aristocratic palace has beautifully painted residential rooms and a lush Moorish style garden in the courtyard. Best Marrakech city guide tour

And finally, we will Visit the colorful Souks with their tinsmiths, dyers, herbalists stalls, and workshops; ending at Djemaa El Fna square, where hundreds of locals meet every day to enjoy the storytellers, musicians, snake charmers, acrobats, jugglers, and performers of each and every sort.

After lunch in a local restaurant (not included) we will continue to visit the Majorelle gardens and Menara gardens in the new town. The city tour ends around 5 PM.

The Menara was built in the twelfth century at the time of the Almohads, by the caliph Abdul-Mu’min. It is an excellent garden planted with 40 varieties of olive trees around a colossal basin that serves as a reservoir, fed for more than 700 years, by driving about thirty kilometers from the mountains. The Menara opens its main alley in a spectacular alignment with the Koutoubia minaret. This park, royally drawn, serves as a privileged place to walk for locals and travelers. Best Marrakech city guide tour

Majorelle Gardens & Berber art museum:

These gardens derive their name from their creator, the painter Jacques Majorelle and were created in 1920 and bought back in 1966, by Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint-Laurent. The garden today exhibits plants of all kinds from around the world, pools filled with water lilies and lotus, bright colors dominated by intense blue (Majorelle blue). In the heart of the Majorelle garden, there is a museum of Berber art that presents exclusively a collection of objects from various regions of Morocco. The Majorelle garden is the ideal and almost unmissable place to take beautiful souvenir photos. Best Marrakech city guide tour 2022

Even if the area is extremely wide, you will be able to see its highlights through the eyes of a knowledgeable guide. Best Marrakech city guide tour with our team

The main highlights of the city tour are:

  • The Koutoubia Mosque
  • The Bahia palace
  • The Saadian royal tombs
  • The Medina and souks of Marrakech
  • The gardens of Majorelle
  • Menara Gardens
  • The live heart of Marrakech Jemaa LAfna square

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    Marrakech Holiday, Morocco

    As eternal as the snows on the highest peaks, as impressive as the Atlas mountains, as steeped in history as the palm trees are rooted in the Earth, Marrakech stands as the finishing touch to a picture of timeless beauty. Best Marrakech city guide tour

    The mightiest kings fought for it, a line of dynasties inherited it, sages, craftsmen, architects, painters and sculptors of all ages built magnificent palaces, mosques, gardens and Koranic schools and today between you and your Marrakech Holiday is a three hour flight. Marrakech is the imperial city which, at the dawn of its history gave Morocco it’s name. Best Marrakech city guide tour. Best Marrakech city guide tour

    The Berbers and the Arabs come together here, to mingle with the nomads and the mountain people. Every imaginable commodity abounds, craftsmanship flourishes, and there are palaces, hotels, restaurants, golf courses and a casino: Marrakech is the unchallenged capital of Southern Morocco, indeed a holiday to Morocco is not complete with out a Marrakech Holiday. Best Marrakech city guide tour

    For all the beauty gathered here in one thousand years, for the sheer joy of the senses, you cannot miss a Holiday to Marrakech. Best Marrakech city guide tour