Best Morocco Travel agency 2022 - Tours From Ouarzazte

Best Morocco Travel agency 2022 - Tours From Ouarzazte

Erg Chegaga desert
4 days tours from Ouarzazte to Erg Chegaga Morocco Sahara Desert
Erg Chabbi desert
3 days tours from Ouarzazte to Erg Chabbi via Dades gourges
Ouarzazte to Fes
4 days tours from Ouarzazte to Fes via Erg Chabbi.

 Best Morocco Travel agency 2022.

We  organise  to  Morocco Sahara desert from many cities in Morocco. 

Ouarzazate (/wɑːrzəˈzæt/, /wɑːrzəˈzɑːt/; Arabic: ورزازات‎, Warzāzāt; Moroccan Arabic: وارزازات‎, Wārzāzāt; Berber: ⵡⴰⵔⵣⴰⵣⴰⵜWarzazat), nicknamed the door of the desert, is a city and capital of Ouarzazate Province in the region of Drâa-Tafilalet, south-central Morocco. Ouarzazate is at an elevation of 1,160 metres (3,810 ft) in the middle of a bare plateau south of the High Atlas Mountains, with a desert to the city’s south. let’s enjoy Tours from Ouarzazte. Morocco Travel agency. Morocco Travel agency. Morocco Travel agency

Berber-speakers make up the majority of the town’s inhabitants, who were responsible for the creation of many of the prominent kasbahs (locally referred to as: iɣeṛman). Ouarzazate is a primary tourist destination in Morocco for holidays, as well as a starting point for excursions into and across the Draa Valley and the desert. Aït Benhaddou (a fortified village) west of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Morocco Travel agency. 

Words to know:

Kasr  the plural is Ksour in the Maghreb typically consist of attached houses, often having collective Ghoraf ( las Ganarias) and other structures like a mosque, bath, oven, and shops. Ksour / igherman are widespread among the oasis populations of North Africa. Ksars are sometimes situated in mountain locations to make defense easier; they often are entirely within a single, continuous wall. The building material of the entire structure is normally adobe, or cut stone and adobe. The idea of the ksar as a granary is a confused notion of two things, the granary itself, found within a ksar, and the ksar, which is a village, normally with granaries within it. Ksars form one of the main manifestations of Berber architecture.

Kasbha : In the Maghreb and in Iberia, the Arabic word form of kasbah frequently refers to multiple buildings in a keep, a citadel, or several structures behind a defensive wall. The Arabic word was borrowed into Spanish as alcazaba, naming the equivalent building in Andalusia or Moorish Spain, into Portuguese as alcáçova, and into Catalan as alcassaba. A kasbah was a place for the local leader to live and a defense when a city was under attack. A kasbah has high walls, usually without windows. Sometimes, like in Tangiers, they were built on hilltops so that they could be more easily defended. Some were placed near the entrance to harbors. Having a kasbah built was a sign of wealth of some families in the city. When colonization started in 1830, in northern Algeria, there were a number of kasbahs that lasted for more than 100 years.

The Bedouin, Beduin or Bedu (/ˈbɛduɪn Arabic: بَدْو, romanized: badū, particular بَدَوِي badawī) are roaming Arab clans who have generally occupied the desert districts in the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, the Levant, and Mesopotamia However, the Arabian Peninsula is the memorable and unique country of the Bedouin Arabs. The English word bedouin comes from the Arabic badawī, which signifies “desert inhabitant”, and is generally appeared differently in relation to ḥāḍir, the term for stationary people. Bedouin region extends from the immense deserts of North Africa to the rough sands of the Middle East. They are customarily partitioned into clans, or groups, and generally share a typical culture of crowding camels and goats. by far most of Bedouins hold fast to Islam, in spite of the fact that there are some less quantities of Christian Bedouins present in the Fertile Crescent.

 Berbers or Imazighen (Berber languages: ⵉⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵏ, ⵎⵣⵗⵏ, romanized: Imaziɣen; singular: Amaziɣ, ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ ⵎⵣⵗ; Arabic: أمازيغ‎) are an ethnic group which is indigenous to North Africa, specifically Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, the Canary Islands, and to a lesser extent Mauritania, northern Mali, and northern Niger. Smaller Berber populations are also found in Burkina Faso and Egypt’s Siwa Oasis. Historically, Berber nations spoke the Berber languages, which are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family. The term Berber comes from the Greek. The Bavares (also Babares or Baveres) were a Berber tribe living in the Roman province of Mauretania Caesariensis between the 3rd and 5th centuries AD. They are known only from inscriptions. They are sometimes portrayed as nomads and other times as sedentary mountaineers. Gabriel Camps argues that the name “Berbers” (Latin barbari) does not derive from “barbarian”, as usually thought, but from the name of the Bavares.

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