Ourika valley day trip from Marrakech starting from the Hotel / Riad at 09:30:A beautiful drive of 60 km takes you to the foot of the Atlas at about 1000 m altitude. You will discover the small villages of mud, red hanging on the sides of the mountain.Ourika Valley probably the most visited area in the Atlas Mountains a 1h30 drive from Marrakech, Along the valley the banks of the Ourika river are generously shaded by poplar trees and other weeping willows. takethe services of a local guide and hike to the waterfalls. The village of Arhbalou is very attractive and has a multitude of small restaurants owned by Berber families situated along the water’s edge. A picnic lunch at Arhbalou Cascades or at the edge of the Ourika river is popular with locals and tourists alike. The Ourika valley is an escape from the bustling Marrakech, so take an advantage and book you day trip to Ourika valley with us.

We’ll stop at some of these typical Berber villages, so you can immerse yourself in the daily life of these local people. As we continued our journey through the valley, we approached the more mountainous paths of the Atlas chain towards Seti Fatma. There are several smaller (and some bigger) waterfalls along the route and not all of them are packed with tourists.

We advise you to bring walking shoes as we will be a short walk to some of the Setti Fatma waterfalls (waterfalls). You should also bring swimwear and sunscreen as we may be able to swim in some of the smaller pools at the base of the falls.

It’s also a good idea to change your clothes as we may be approaching a waterfall where there is plenty of back spray to keep you cool. And don’t forget to bring warm clothes, because the last part of the trip to the town of Sti Fadma can be very cold even in the summer.

You’ll need to bring lunch during this trip, but there are plenty of cafes and restaurants in several Berber villages on our day trips. However, the most important thing you should take with you is a camera as this experience only needs to be recorded.

The hike to the Seti Fatma Waterfall leads through the valley. After that, we will return to Marrakech on the same road. Arrive in town around 5 pm.