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Morocco Travel & Morocco Tours 2022/2023.


Morocco Stars Travel team organize Morocco Travel & Morocco Tours 2022/2023. We Provide Morocco Desert Tours From Marrakech, Casablanca & Fes..

Morocco Stars Travel (M S T) a medium sized tour operator based in Marrakech.

The Atlas Mountains, Imperial Cities and Sahara Desert off-road adventure vehicle trips, hiking, camel tours and camel treks through the classic Saharan dunes, biking, or hammam experiences, these exotic adventures can be seamlessly arranged for you.

Also you can discover our cultures like locally made dishes, different transport, jewelry shops, flowers shops, Argan oil, carpet cooperatives and fossil decoration.

Please feel free to contact us to answer your questions about our tours or if you are interested in a customized tour.

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    Morocco Travel and tours

    Tours From Marrakech

    Morocco Stars Travel team offer many Tours Packages From Marrakech.Let's plan your trip From Marrakech.

    Tours From Fes

    Morocco Stars Travel Organize Tours From Fes to discover the authentic of Morocco From Fes.

    Tours From Casablanca

    We offering the top Morocco destinations from Casablanca to enjoy your Morocco Travel.

    Tours From Agadir

    Morocco Stars Travel give you a golden chance to discover the south of Morocco From Agadir

    Tours From Ouarzazte

    Get start your Morocco Desert Adventures, to enjoy your Sahara tours From Ouarzazte

    Tours From Tanger

    Tanger is the gate of Morocco, we provide many itineraries to explore Morocco From Tanger.

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    Amazing experience
    Jana from Slovekia

    We spent 10 amazing days in Morocco Travel. Morocco stars travel organized great round trip from Marrakesh via Rabat, Chefchauen, Volubilis, Meknés, Fés, Merzougha, Ouarzzate and back to Marrakesh. I would especially recommend the 2 nights stay in desert with camel trekking, overnight in tents with traditional cousin and dances at the fire. The staff is very hospitable and the professional guide makes everything to make you dream about perfect holiday come true. Morocco stars travel provides excellent service. 

    Amazing Morocco Tours experience Stephan Oakland, Californie USA
    I can’t say enough about how amazing this tour is. The guides are amazing, camels are well taken care of 🙂 and food was amazing. The adventure takes place in a very comfortable camp setup with real mattresses and toilets. The drum circle and singing and night really was the cherry on top for me.

    There are many tours out there, but in comparing notes with other travelers nothing is amazing as morocco stars Travel! 

    An incredible Sahara Experience
    Jesica New York USA

    I had an awesome 2 night trip to the desert! Everything was organized, the food was great and always full of great company. I’ll never forget my magical experience in the desert. I would highly recommend Morocco Stars Travel Day Tours if you are looking for a great experience in the desert!